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Calendar 2022

Get Ahead This Year By Planning Your Music Career

Do you always find out about grant opportunities right at the last minute?

This calendar solves that problem! With the Upbeat CBR Music Grants Calendar, you'll be able to:

  • Be well ahead of deadlines so that you can strategically plan which opportunities you want to apply for
  • Quickly see what you're eligible to apply for and what the opportunity involves
  • Click on the links embedded within the PDF to take you straight to the relevant information

This 2022 grants calendar has been carefully put together to highlight all the major music-specific funding opportunities available to ACT-residents in 2022.

The digital download includes a printable PDF wall calendar + a spreadsheet of the grant information in both a detailed view and a quick view version.

Make 2022 the year you take control of your music career and apply for each and every opportunity you're eligible for to move your career forward!

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Printable PDF calendar


Grant & Opportunities

3 versions

Monthly Wall Calendar, Detailed View and Quick View

With this digital resource you will...

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Be able to view information about grants for the year ahead

See opportunities well in advance so you can put more time into your applications and career planning.

Have a quick view so you can see what's coming up

Grants and opportunities are listed in a chronological list so that you can quickly reference what's coming up each month.

A Series of Journal prompts on the final page

On the final page of the Wall Calendar version, you'll find some journal prompts to get to thinking about the opportunities you might like to apply for this year.

Be able to view the information in Three different layouts

The PDF you'll receive has a 16-page wall calendar view, a detailed spreadsheet and a quick view spreadsheet to enable you to see the information in the format that best suits you.

Available for January only!

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Are You Ready to Start Planning your funding applications for 2022?

Take the first step toward becoming more organised in your music career by applying for the grants and opportunities well ahead of deadlines.

Get This Printable PDF which includes over 40 grants and opportunities available to Canberra-based music industry professionals.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're so confident that this calendar will be useful to your music career in 2022 that we're giving you a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel like this is a worthwhile product for you after purchasing, simply request a full refund within 30-days. No questions asked.

22% off any upcoming Upbeat workshop, course or event after purchasing

In 2022, Upbeat is expanding to offer courses, workshops and online events to help you with your music career and get the results you want. With the purchase of this calendar, you will get 22% off your first event, workshop or course (stay tuned for more details!). This discount is also transferrable to a peer, friend or colleague in the Canberra music community.

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About the Author

Ruth O'Brien is a passionate & creative Canberra local. Entering her professional career as a singer and songwriter, Ruth has gone on to form a multi-faceted arts career, lending her skills and voice (musical, spoken and written) to many creative initiatives and projects across Canberra, Australia.

Ruth has been successful in receiving many grants and opportunities herself in the last 10 years. She is passionate about building an independent arts career from wherever you live and wants to help Canberra artists and musicians build their own independent careers. You can read more about Ruth via her website at ruthmvobrien.com



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